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I'm a biodesign consultant empowering small and ambitious initiatives to have a regenerative mission. With minimal yet focused efforts, the underdog can spark tremendous and lasting ripple effects.

Large ventures tend to adapt slower to change and disruption than small and nimble missions. As a response, I've dedicated my creative consulting practice to coach pioneering trailblazers in art/design, science, and technology to help usher change-making at the seed of an idea. I believe that the more agile you are, the greater the potential you have to create waves of positive social and sustainable impact – on an immediate and tangible timescale.


If you're seeking..


  • Biodesign Consulting  | I'll help you create new ideas and/or re-imagine your products and services to be more innovative and regenerative. We'll re-evaluate your business model to authentically align with nature's ecosystems, retrofit your circularity goals and expand/deepen your impact.

  • Creative Bio-Business Guidance  | Want to get started in the Biodesign and/or Biomimicry scene? I'll help you uncover your unique selling point (niche) and design a stand-out minimal viable prototype for your market (context). With customized and approachable bio-inspired strategies, you'll be set up for creative fulfillment and sustainable success.

  • Biodesign Crash Courses  | Looking to fast forward your bio-inspired learning journey? I'll customize a practical project-oriented plan as a springboard to level up your skills. I'll give you insider tips into what Biomimicry and Circular Design can do to future-proof your services and overall business goals.


...then let’s work together. I offer:


  •  One-on-one sessions  | Individual mentoring / coaching / workshops

  •  Group sessions  | Team mentoring / coaching / workshops

All consulting sessions are online, unless you're located in the Berlin area. My usual clients are entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, NGOs, accelerators and design schools. Don't see yourself listed or have a different ask? No worries, feel free to reach out to me regardless.


I have a BFA in Furniture/Product Design, a MSc in Biomimicry and certifications in Biomimicry Thinking, Design Thinking and Circular Economy. 

My specialties as a Biodesign and Creative Consultant are:
Biomimicry Thinking | Circular Design | Ecosystems Thinking 
Design Thinking | Life-Centered Design | Biophilic Design
I have additional touch points with Cradle to Cradle, Lo-TEK (traditional ecological knowledge), Wabi Sabi, Regenerative Design, Futures/Speculative Art & Design.


My passion to support emerging creative entrepreneurs comes from first-hand experience running my 3D art and design studio since 2012. I've witnessed how disjointed aesthetics, sustainability and innovation are in the business world. My belief is that they're inherently interlinked, and neither should be compromised. Nature's 4.2 billion years of R&D is a prime example of what this nexus successfully looks like. Essentially, I'm a translator of nature's technologies and an expert truffle pig at helping businesses find sustainable inspiration; and come up with extraordinary ideas that are as elegant and impactful, as they are boundary pushing.

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With +6 years experience as a freelance innovation and creative consultant working with non-profits, SMEs and large institutions, my mission is to share my insights as well as support value-aligned entrepreneurs to uncompromisingly realize their beautiful, future-forward and regenerative ventures. 

I've recently published a chapter on “Life-Centered Creativity" in the book Future Skills, among German best selling authors such as Maja Göpel. I've also provided my knowledge input on regenerative and Lo-TEK design to the magazine for new work, Neue Narrative's “Climate Column."
For more have a look at my CV and Linkedin.

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Kassandra changed everything for my brand. If you have any doubts about embracing biomimicry in your work and life, consult with Kassandra. She will lead you to discover the answers in the way that only the intelligence of nature and the principles of biomimicry can. She is practical, efficient, no-nonsense, deeply committed, expertly skilled, and boundary-pushing. For me, investing in and pursuing biomimicry as a real operational and design application was like pursuing the possibility of the Fibershed as my supply chain model. I knew that biomimicry was the answer to what I wanted to achieve for Kámen Road, our partners, and our customers. Biomimicry goes so far beyond beautiful design. It changes the way you think so you truly innovate by your own definition and values. Our work focused on building a business ecosystem to align with life’s circular design principles. From rethinking sustainable materials and fabrication methods to light weighting my product designs, she makes biomimicry real and doable. That in itself is worth everything and we have made a commitment to continue the work with Kassandra.

Kathleen Murphy | Kàmen Road



Interested in my Biodesign and Creative consulting services?
Book your free 30min consultation with me on Calendly.

My typical hourly rate*:


  • 75 | Student

  • 100 | Emerging solo entrepreneur, start-up, NGO/NPO

  • 125 | Funded start-up, established solo entrepreneur, small business


*Estimated rates do not include additional VAT. Please note: Hourly and project rates are catered to individual needs. I also provide a sliding scale rate for those experiencing marginalization and/or unable to pay full cost for my services. Please let me know if you need to work with me at a discounted rate.

Want to collaborate, get a project quote, share your proposal, or have other inquiries? Get in touch with me.


+49 331 585 05797
+1 651 321 4479


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