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I'm Kassandra,
a biodesigner
based in Germany

I’m a creative entrepreneur based between Germany and the US. My specialty is life-centered design aimed to create social and sustainable impact. I grew up in St. Paul, MN, USA and have Vietnamese and Hmong roots (indigenous group from Southeast Asia). As a descendant from an ethnic minority it’s important to me to design for underrepresented  social communities like my own. I’m also passionate about design for a proactive and green future. That’s why I studied Biomimicry Thinking (nature-inspired design) and Design Thinking (human-centered design) in addition to my training in Patterns, Product and Spatial Design. Today, I create beautiful objects, immersive spaces and digital products for responsible startups, NGOs, and clients like 3M, Herman Miller and Valeo.

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2010 - 2013

Product Design Training

Bachelor of Fine Art | Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Bauhaus University Weimar, Royal Danish Academy for Fine Arts and Architecture.

2015 - PRESENT

Creative Consultant

Concept design, ideation, future visioning, brand strategy, product research and development, mood board, color consulting, creative

& art direction for start ups, SMEs and non-profit organizations.

2016 - 2017

Design Thinking Training

Advanced Design Thinking Certificate | Hasso Plattner Institute, Potsdam, Germany | Gained skills to envision major innovation themes by translating user insights, desires, performance benefits, brand values, business opportunities, macro trends and technology opportunities into strategic user experience stories. Traveled to market places (Germany, France, China) to get feedback and gain empathy from users, consumers, industry experts, and apply to overall design strategy. Learned a variety of practical and unconventional ideation and prototyping methods to effectively create user-centered designs. Engaged with diverse clientele and interdisciplinary collaborators.

2012 - PRESENT

Product Designer

Material exploration, concept design, 3D rendering and fabrication, custom furniture, accessories and show room design for companies like 3M, Room & Board and select private clientele.

2015 - 2018

Biomimicry Training

Masters of Science | Arizona State University | Leadership training in bringing nature-inspired design strategies via the biomimicry methodology to design, research, academia, social, and business fields. Included field immersions in various nature sites across North America with biological experts, team collaboration, and design sprints with site-based clientele. Gained conflict resolution, systems-thinking, design thinking (human-centered design) knowledge and experience working with multidisciplinary, international, diverse groups.


Surface Pattern Designer

Custom textile designs and surface patterns, collection development, technical seamless repeats, color separation/indexing, design consulting, color consulting, styling, merchandising, mood board creation and trend forecasting for select clientele and Print Studios. Exclusive Pattern Library and Licensing. Exhibited works at Premiere Vision New York and Surtex 2019 by Pattern Observer Studio.

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3D Creator

(Re-)Thinker, Reformer



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Bio-Future Advocate

Social and Sustainable Impact Designer

Ethnic Heritage 

Bridge Builder

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Kinesthetic Explorer

Big Picture Thinker
with Attention to Detail


and Inquisitive

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