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Design and Fabrication

Bøje meaning bend in Danish was inspired by the bend of a leaf. Crafted at the Royal Academy of Design School in Copenhagen, this chair was inspired by my furniture idol Alvar Aalto. Handmade with local Danish maple and a traditional soap finish, this design was shaped with Japanese carving tools, and is held together by traditional joinery with 2 simple screws for the backrest attachment. Shaped to be as delicate and airy as a paper thin leaf yet as durable as solid wood, Bøje was custom made to my proportions and needs. I often longed for a chair capable of crossing my legs in while also being able to recline for a bit of lounging as well. This design received top marks in wood craftsmanship at the KADK design school and gained recognition at the international furniture fair in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bøje: Text

Photo credit: Dylan Howe, Nadine Foik, Lars Hansen

Bøje: Portfolio
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