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Nature Immersion Experiences

Designing and Facilitating Bio-Design Events

I've designed and helped create immersive experiences that take people outside their bubble to think beyond what‘s possible. Looking for new and unexpected approaches to solve tough challenges involves thinking outside the box. Literally. This all begins with going outside and getting immersed in nature. These bio–design events range from informative walks in the local park and nature hikes, to workshops at the natural history museum. Together, we reframe design challenges and ask: How would nature solve this problem?

By looking at different examples in nature that have been tested and iterated upon over millions of years of evolution, we can find plenty of successful ideas to riff off of. Rekindling our natural curiosity ensures more unexpected, novel ideas that create lasting social and sustainable impact.

Nature Immersion Experiences: Text

Photo credit: Seth Galewyrick, Johannes Fuchs

Nature Immersion Experiences: Portfolio
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