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Prima Materia

Experimental Product Design

Prima Materia was a workshop hosted by the infamous Forma Fantasma Studio at the Domaine de Boisbuchet in Lessac, France. This workshop was focused on crafting your own materials and forms from raw ingredients found in the local forest. In collaboration with Jihye Khang and Ingrid Stribois, we found ourselves inspired by the bright and elusive mushrooms that sprinkled the castle grounds. Having spent several hours observing mushrooms, we realized how mushrooms attract creatures of all different sizes and shapes and the varied time these creatures would spend with the mushroom.

Intrigued by this harmonious phenomena, we aimed to bring attention to a designated space and design an "open-closure" for people to gather without disrupting the time to admire the intricate details of the open air and surrounding flora and fauna. Resulting in an oversized bamboo canopy and several stools, made from wicker and cork, at different heights and materials, we invited the viewer to experience a more kinetic and slow time in the landscape. Additionally, we created textiles capturing the beautiful patterning of the mushrooms' imprints.

Prima Materia: Text

Photo credit: Rachelle Bugeaud

Prima Materia: Portfolio
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